Esquire was my first gig out of college, one that came with an unusual level of panic and legacy baked in. A decades-old magazine! A history of writing talent! An office of very well-dressed colleagues! A lot to live up to.

I fortunately I learned a lot working there for three years, about journalism, writing, making hamburgers, and life, though I still barely dress myself in the morning. At Esquire I edited the social media channels, its erstwhile online food section “Eat Like a Man” (really!), and general digital news coverage as it hit our various entertainment, style, and politics verticals. I edited some fun mini-packages, like this one on cartoons and this one on grilled cheese sandwiches — but none of them look nearly as nice as they used to since Hearst redesigned the site, sadly. Lastly, I was also the editor responsible for ensuring that all of the magazine’s print stories made their way to the website every month — a trickier gig than you might think when stories are conceived to work in print, first. A significant chunk of my time was spent adapting the magazine’s biggest stories for internet consumption, like this one, this one, this one, and this one. I also helped streamline our practice of regularly refreshing archival stories for new online eyeballs, an initiative that eventually became

Image: Esquire Magazine, October 2014