The Dot and Line

With my co-founder and fellow editor John Maher, I launched a blog in 2016 dedicated to covering the world of animation. The Dot and Line, named after the similarly named cartoon short directed by animator Chuck Jones and written by Norton Juster, published hundreds of posts and dozens of scribes in its four years and change of life. As co-editors, John and I were the final word on everything the site published.

Our coverage leaned toward the offbeat and the sincere — ranging from expansive, balls-to-the-wall editorial packages to 100-word posts on highly specific cartoon ephemera. We also broke several news stories. What moved us was a lifelong love for the medium and what we perceived as a dearth of appreciation for it. Some high-effort highlights of our 2016-2020 run were published in our weeklong retrospective series, That’s All Folks!

I usually served as our de facto art director and, before we put the project to bed, wrote about the many steps (and missteps) I took to designing our logo.

Photo-illustration: Eric Vilas-Boas; Neon Genesis Evangelion: Studio Khara