Hey! My name’s Eric. I’m a writer and editor.

I currently work as a Cities Editor at Thrillist (overseeing lifestyle guides and features for 11 locations across the country) and founded and run the cartoon site The Dot and Line.

Before that, I spent several years editing (in various capacities) and overseeing social media for Esquire and the teachers’ nonprofit DonorsChoose.org. I also founded and ran the arts and culture site Outcryer.

My single favorite quote of all time came from a 16-year-old named Logan interviewed for an Esquire story in 2014. It was so good the editors threw it on a black cover with no accompanying imagery: “Try. Fail. Who Cares?”

Get in touch at vilasboas [dot] eric [at] gmail [dot] com.

—If I like you, I sign things EVB

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